FSX - She is a Queen - FTX ORBX Movie

FSX - She is a Queen - FTX ORBX Movie
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Posted: by apvdp (11years ago)
Posted: by Osprey101 (11years ago)
Thanks for the scenery info! Just got the OzX Grand Canyon secenery. Absolutely awesome. Will get the FTX next. They offer plenty of freebies also!
Posted: by silverbud (11years ago)
Hello Bman, To answers your questions, it took me around 8 hours to do this video. 1 hours recording shots, then 7 hours of editing. I usually spend much more time on my videos tho, around 30 hours. The way i work might be different from others, we all work differently. I personally first choose a soundtrack, because it set the atmosphere of the video, then i start to record footage of sceneries, no airplanes, just sceneries. Then i record airplanes, landing and taking off. finally i editing using airplanes as transition to another sceneries/footage, depending on the rhythm of the song. Thx for your comment Bman, appreciated ^^


Posted: by Bman (11years ago)
Awesome. Great work.

Out of curiosity, how long does it take you guys to produce these video from beginning to end? When you are making a story line, do you shoot some video, then edit, then shoot some more video? It seems like it would take forever to get the shots you are after (with the Wx settings, scenery settings etc).

Nice work.

Posted: by Brad (11years ago)
I loved how you included all the elements - traffic, wildlife, scenery, etc. Great job.
Posted: by comanche (11years ago)
Very nice video. I have the scenery myself and agree its outstanding.

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Added: 08-04-2009
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Here is my latest FSX video. I finally upgraded my computer !
I used FTX ORBX for this video. Their work is unbelivable. I advise everyone to purchase this product.
Enjoy this small trip over some gorgeous sceneries.

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