A2A Simulations Wings of Power 3 P-47

A2A Simulations Wings of Power 3 P-47
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Posted: by ranran (11years ago)
wow i am speach liss
Posted: by Hornet11 (11years ago)
Best videos I have seen in SimTube are from JaggyRoad!! Great video as always.

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Added: 19-04-2009
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Promotional video of the A2A Simulations Wings of Power 3 P-47 "Razorback." Includes Accusim.
http://www.a2asimulations.com http://www.jaggyroadfilms.com
Affectionately known as The Jug, the P-47 Thunderbolt is as big as the American Spirit and holds a unique honor in the ranks of World War II fighters. Ironically the original concept was born in Russia and can be seen by its rugged and hearty design. Like a gentle giant, the P-47 handles with grace but packs an enormous punch. This plane was much heavier and bulkier than other fighter planes of its day, outweighing aircraft like the Fw 190 by several thousand pounds.
Equipped with a large, powerful radial engine, it looked as tough as it was. However, when British pilots first saw the P-47, it was often mocked due to its size. The light, maneuverable Spitfires could get on a P-47s tail with ease in test trials. What they didn't know at that time was the P-47 was different type of fighter and the battles were to be fought at higher altitude where the air is thin, using high-energy tactics. Both the British and the Germans soon found out, in the right hands, the P-47 was lethal.

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