Huges H1-B Special - Aspen X

Huges H1-B Special - Aspen X
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Posted: by ranran (11years ago)
wow cool

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Added: 06-07-2009
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Movie buffs know the Hughes H-1B from the Hollywood blockbuster The Aviator, aviation historians know it because it pioneered so many new technologies, aircraft enthusiast know it because it held the absolute world speed record for some time.
From now on flight sim pilots will know it the hardest plane they ever flown. Because it is designed with just one purpose in mind, to break records, it is uncomfortable, hardly stable and the engine always seems to be waiting for the worst time to go up in smoke.
The H1 is not an aircraft for the person who just started with FS, it is a very detailed and complex simulation of this rather special aircraft and without reading the manual and understanding the systems you will most likely ruin the engine (or not even get it started). Most our beta testers wrecked at least 6 finely tuned engines before they managed to keep them running. Many systems that are automated in aircraft made after the second World War are manual in this aircraft and they will require your attention at every stage of the flight. While complex this also will greatly enhance your understanding of aircraft systems, even those of modern aircraft. With every flight you will learn to tweak a bit more power out of the engine increasing your top speed. In the end the Aerosoft H1 is thoroughbred, capable of amazing things, but only in the hand of the most experienced pilot.
The original aircraft is now one of the main exhibits in the Smithsonian institute. Now you can fly this highly realistic aircraft in FSX and see if you can break your own records.
Superbly researched project, almost an historical document in FS Both models (short wing and long wing) versions included Flight model based on the actual 1930's wind tunnel test and NACA airfoil data (we are sure Howard Hughes would appreciate that) Extensive modeling of the exterior and interior of the aircraft in full FSX standards Very highly detailed Virtual Cockpit with all parts fully animated Detailed and beautifully designed manual Low impact on framerate Special sound module to include full cockpit sounds (so you hear the wobble pump etc) Engine model unprecedented in detail, including fully new developed failure models for shock cooling, fuel pressure, oil pressure, hydraulic leaks and carburetor icing. All of these are unlike anything you seen on other aircraft.
System requirements: Microsoft Flight Simulator X (minimal Service Pack 2) DX10 Preview compatible Windows XP(SP2), Windows Vista Pentium 2 GHz (Duo2Core Intel advised) 1 GB RAM (2 GB advised) 256 Mb DirectX 9 graphics card Sound card Mouse with mouse wheel Adobe Acrobat® Reader 7 minimal to read and print the manual (1) Download-Size: 70 MB Installations-Size: 170 MB
Conclusion by "The Hughes H-1B Racer sells for 26 euros. Except for gauge logic, by Hubertus Fuest, it is mostly the work of just one man, Stefan Hoffman. I hadn’t heard of Hoffman before now, but with this product he’s established himself as -- how shall I put it? -- someone who cares about craftsmanship. Appearances to the contrary, Hoffman did not come out of nowhere; last year, he did the flight model for Aerosoft’s Twin Otter and this year he has taken over work on Aerosoft’s Catalina. Judging from the quality of this package, the Catalina is going to be just as successful a product as the already-popular Twin Otter; I’m looking forward to it."
Conclusion by "From the marvelous throaty start up audio to the superb realization of the engine and failure dynamics, this bird is really the best vintage flying experience I've had for any sim. You really have to take care of your plane. This is certainly not what I'd call a model where you can ram the throttles forward and head into the sunset. The failure algorithms add a whole new depth to your simming, and everything from the sound set to the exemplary virtual cockpit will immerse you. I cannot say enough good about this product, and I know it will be a worthy addition to your virtual hangar."
Conclusion by "Aerosoft just released the H1 and I grabbed it as quick as I could. I have been thoroughly pleased and this is truly one of my all time favorite aircraft for FSX. If you only buy one payware aircraft this is it! Total score 8/10 "
Aerosoft loves danger, as long as it is realistic and Aspen Colorado has an airport that ranks high as one of the most dangerous airports in the USA. Get ready for the Aspen-Pitkin County / Sardy Field!
With one on runway direction usable because of high terrain North, East AND South of the airport, an back course localizer specially for the missed approach and located at nearly 8000 feet you just know you have to study your aircraft performance charts and the approach and departure documents (included of course). Of course the weather this high in the Colorado mountains will also play havoc with your flight schedules. Please note that the airport is NOT used at night hours because of the dangerous surrounding.
The extended manual (also available as a free download from this page) will teach you a lot about the dangers of high altitude and high density altitude operations while you enjoy the Colorado mountain scenery. Aerosoft - Aspen XAerosoft - Aspen XFeatures:
Highly detailed scenery of the airport and its surroundings High detail mesh Full photographic coverage of the airport and surroundings Extensive Autogen used to build the town Full navigation beacons (do try that missed approach using the back course localizer!) Complete winter textures included Extensive manual and charts

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