10,000 Miles - 707 Productions

10,000 Miles - 707 Productions
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Posted: by resotaz (9years ago)
wow...No words Simply GREAT! Thanks a lot
Replied: by iheart707 (9years ago)
Thanks for the nice words. I simply haven't the time anymore to make movies. Hopefully this summer, that will be different!
Posted: by ebelfiore (10years ago)
Not bad Bad too very nice
Posted: by iheart707 (11years ago)
This video is on youtube and offers a higer audio quality for some reason. The buzzing is a problem I know... Thanks for watching! Search on Youtube for iheart707 and SUBSCRIBE there!
Posted: by pachaleke (11years ago)
nice job

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Added: 11-08-2009
Runtime: 6:35
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This video was originally made for a video contest entry on Youtube (See the Video Response on Youtube to see the Contest). This fantastic journey takes you on what feels like '10,000 Miles' in only six minutes while experiencing the beautiful countryside in Alaska. The theme for this movie is about a sense of loss for a fellow pilot after he got himself into more than he could handle. The expression of feel for the cast was the basis for the motion picture. The contest originally wanted a person to climb into some ‘piston poppers’ and come up with something that is nothing short of cool looking! In my opinion goes great with the lyrics from Mary Chapin Carpenter's 10,000 Miles song.
If you all were wondering about a possible rescue mission to the summit to pick up the pilot, that’s already in the waterworks and it should be out my end of August if not sooner.
This song was a true joy to work on as the base for the movie and I hope you all love it as much as I do.
The problem with midair emergencies that are in the flight sim world is a simple matter of having a loss of control but no story to back it up. The sense of feel is greatly diminished in the other videos, which I hoped to accomplish in a more creative and abstract way that would be interesting to watch!
Have fun out there and enjoy the film and of course, make sure that you watch it in HD!!!!!!!! Comments both positive and negative are greatly appreciated as I use your thoughts and feelings to produce bigger and better movies.
Thanks again- iheart707
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