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Posted: by Raptor6122 (11years ago)
Round Pounders forever...
Posted: by sourwop (11years ago)
Which one there are several different models used as well as both FSX and FS9
Posted: by Drkl0rd (11years ago)
Great video, could you tell me where you got this plane from? Id love to add it to my collection
Posted: by Raptor6122 (11years ago)
Nice work. Sounds like you and I have similar backgrounds. Raptor
Posted: by MaverickFLE104 (11years ago)
great fantastic!

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Added: 06-10-2009
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When I asked my dad what was it like to fly the “Connie” he told me, “extended hours of boredom with moments of sheer terror.” On the other side he also told me, “you have to be good to handle three pieces of tail at the same time.” So search for the “Connie” and all the information I could dig up led me to this project that started two years ago and this is not the full version. Full version is 40 minutes long. In the past 30 years I have been to just about every museum, graveyard here and abroad in search of this airplane. I stumbled on #554 which my dad and this particular “Connie” have a long history based on the logbooks at the Pima museum in Arizona, #555 which he logged many hours in is sitting at the USAF Museum in Dayton Ohio - another in Warner Robbins and so on. My biggest thrill while working for NASA was a chance to visit the “Grave Yard” at AMARC in Tuscon while on assignment. There is where I was over whelmed with history.” The clips in the video are based on actual events that were passed down to me over the years that involve my dad’s flying experience. The rendezvous of the F-4d over Thailand was unique, and I could not simulate the right crew door opening with the flight crew “hanging out” to take pictures. The pilot of the F-4D was my dad’s cousin.

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