Around The World, The FSX Movie 3

Around The World, The FSX Movie 3
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Added: 04-07-2010
Runtime: 7:47
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After reaching the waypoint 1 (U14), Bepro is now heading to KPGA (Page), right on the shores of Lake Powell and its dam.
A few days earlier, of course, Bepro spotted the scene and it wandered here to discover the area and offer it in pictures!
At the border between Utha and Arizona, this beautiful land offers a spectacular event. On the land between the Navajo Monument Valley and Lake Powell artificial, the discovery is a must!
Just below the dam, Be Pro is in Arizona and he just follow the river emerging to realize that it goes straight to the Grand Canyon National Park
Again, Bepro experienced discovery by 4X4 alongt he rifts and the highlights of which overlook the breathtaking views! It is a place where you feel so small ....
On land or in the air here, we better understand this majestic canyon, which is one of the most visited regions of the United States!
Then, en route to the third waypoint (3 'on the flight plan Bepro), the Grand Canyon Airport "KGCN" because, although his flight makes Bepro economically, it must make the full to meet safety standards in case!
With his name painted and carved in the rock, this picturesque airport has enabled him to meet the ground, a good old C130 armed forces also engaged refueling.
Step 1, part 2/3. Durée 15’46 minutes • Lake Powel • Glen Canyon Dam • Grand Canyon National Park • Grand Canyon National Airport • Tango Flight in the Canyon • Trip with 4X4 to the Airport KGNC • Landing of C130 • Landing of Bepro with his Duke B-60.
With : The Movie Trailer part 1 –
Released by Eddy Belfiore - Bepro Video Belfiore Eddy Production, A Belgian Movie All Right Reserved 2010

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