FSX Hunters Promo

FSX Hunters Promo
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Posted: by ukvoodoo (8years ago)
Nice video, I'd like to see it a bit more zoomed in during the manoeuvres on your next upcoming video

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Added: 16-08-2011
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FSX Hunter Demonstration Team:
The Hunters were founded recently and has now gone public. We aim to demonstrate the capability of the 1950's Hawker Hunter subsonic British jet aircraft. Inspired by the 1950's Black Arrow demonstration team, the FSX Hunters aim to give the same feel to our routine.
Although the FSX Hunters aren't an established 6-9 man team, we like to think of ourselves to be a representative of the Hawker Hunter jet, and show the capabilities of the aircraft in formation.
Accompanied by the 1969 Lockheed 1011 "Tristar", the demonstration involves the classic jetliner in the later part of the Demonstration. The two Hawker Hunters will form up on the heavy jet, and fly in different positions on it.

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