Boeing 777 Landing with 200 kts. Crosswind

Boeing 777 Landing with 200 kts. Crosswind
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Posted: by akuvi (11years ago)
No words to describe this..*****
Posted: by boeing737 (11years ago)
that music is from armagegeddon
Posted: by Inbreker (11years ago)
LOL in real world this woud be nop possible you woud just go to another airport be sure you will never see something like this in real world
Posted: by jet2_henry (11years ago)
I fly 737-300 for and i couldnt do that. Those Ethad pilots must be good. lol
Posted: by cmteflircatBRpaulo (12years ago)
this is a VSTOL 777 !! lol
Posted: by captaingarethscott (12years ago)
200kts wind!!!! they gave you landin clearances!!! great landin!!!! its quite easy to slow her down at touchdown then.
Posted: by SpiKeSX (12years ago)
Imagine...a VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing 777
Posted: by Speedbirdlover (12years ago)
um......... I am a pilot for a 767. um.............That is NO WAY POSSIBLE!!!

Good landing though.
Posted: by topmixed (12years ago)
Interesting! However, Is it possible in real world?
Posted: by Stephenjoe (12years ago)
That must be the shortest landing run in a 777 ever.Nice flying.

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