We Remember - A 9-11 Tribute

We Remember - A 9-11 Tribute
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Posted: by propilot747 (12years ago)
I was in 3rd grade when the twin towers were attacked. I remember coming in the room the teacher had her tv on and we were all asking what happened and she turned the tv off and would not tell us. I am now 15 and 9-11 still hurts me to think about all those innocent people that died. My name is Isaiah Smith from West Virginia and I will always remember September 11, 2001.
Posted: by mcavs27 (12years ago)
5th Grade when this happened. I live in the suburbs of NYC. and no one knew why everyone was frantic and going home early. Then I went home, my dad came home, clothes torn. My neighbor never came home. This movie opened old wounds, in a good way. Thank you and GOD BLESS AMERICA
Posted: by sthomash123 (12years ago)
Grade 2 when this happened
Nice Vid, gives the goosebumps
Posted: by aallen (12years ago)
wher can you get those towers with dos effects

Posted: by Planenerd14 (12years ago)
Every time I come to Sim tube I
love watching this video. I was only a first or second grader when this happened and I know that in some kind of way it changed everyone in the same way and it deffenently changed me GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!
Posted: by boeing737 (12years ago)
i think this good but still it is sad
Posted: by Pilotman555 (12years ago)
That is sad. When the wtc bombing happened i thought that was it.Then i saw the WTC buildings on fire. My friend said it sounded like a big shotgun. Let all lives be in peace but those dead are still here today. Devil those terrorists hard!!!!!!!!!
Posted: by CRJ_Pilot (12years ago)
Yellow Card-Only one
Posted: by Planenerd14 (12years ago)
who sings that song its awsome
Posted: by John_Stewart_Rules (12years ago)
I was in 5th grade when this happened. It changed my life forever. Instead of our morning announcements, we broadcasted the attack live on our TV. Everyone cried. After it ended at 11, we went outside to salute our flag. Our National Guard unit came too. After everyone went inside, I stayed out. My teachers understood. I had a brother on the American Flight. I stood out there for 12 hours straight, doing nothing else but staring at our flag. God Bless America. Our nation is great. May our enemies be crushed. Semper Fi. John Stew out.

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Well this is a tribute I made as a dedication to all who lost lifes in the 9-11 attacks. This was one of those movies I could see in my head before I made it. I really worked hard to match the picture I had in my head. This movie took about a month to make.

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